Re: Tritoniopis elegans in aquarium

July 18, 2003
From: Chris Peacock

Thank you for your reply, Bill. Unfortunately, the Tritoniopsis died a few days after my last message - it ceased appearing after lights out, and I found a white ball of slime on the substrate a couple of days later. Now here's the intriguing part: having disposed of the remains, I went away for a week, and returned to find lots of algae on the tank glass plus this zig zag white thread on the glass. If you look closely, there are no algae around the thread - almost as if it has a natural algae-repellent. Blown up, the thread looks like an egg string. How is this possible, from just one short-lived nudibranch? No others are visible, and there is no obvious damage to the three small soft corals in my small (2ft) tank - a small Scleronephthya, a colony of Briareum, and a colony of Pachyclavularia. All undamaged! And after two days back, no sign of movement if it is a creature, no sign of hatching if it is an egg string. Any ideas/advice?
Chris Peacock

Peacock, C., 2003 (Jul 18) Re: Tritoniopis elegans in aquarium. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Chris,
The mystery object certainly looks like a tritoniid egg ribbon. Have alook at earlier messages on this species and you'll see photos of the egg ribbons. So it looks like you may have a second animal in your tank.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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