Placida cremoniana from Cerbere

August 4, 2003
From: Marina Poddubetskaia

Dear Bill,
Here is a shot of Placida cremoniana from Mediterranean. In the message from Thierry Thibaut you said it could feed on filamentous algae. In Cerbere I found 4 specimens of this species and all of them were on this kind of algae (see the lower photos) which is very common in Cerbere. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to photograph this tiny species on this algae because of the movement in the water. So, I had to move it to the less turbulent place.

Date: July 08, 2003
Location: Cerbere, France, Mediterranean coast
Site: Les 3 moines
Depth: 16m
Size: 5-6mm
Photos: Marina Poddubetskaia - Nembro website


Poddubetskaia, M., 2003 (Aug 4) Placida cremoniana from Cerbere. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Marina,
Perhaps someone can identify the algae for us
Bill Rudman


Placida cremoniana

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