Limacia clavigera from Holland

July 17, 1999
From: Albert Koulman

Hi there,
At the and of June Limacia clavigera was seen at coast of the Netherlands for the very first time. We found several slugs in the estuary called Oosterchelde (South West part of the Netherlands). Since the first sighting several divers have reported sightings of this species.

We are trying to get an idea why this species has suddenly arrived in the Netherlands. Electra pilosa is one of the most common bryozoa at our coast, so its diet was always there.

Can anybody help me with sighting near the Netherlands. I have seen this species in Bretany and Ireland, but that is all Atlantic. The only records I have found from the North Sea were from Helgoland and Norway. Has anybody seen this slug on the British eastcoast or Belgium or anywhere else in the North Sea?

Thanks for your help
Albert Koulman

Dept. Pharmaceutical Biology
University of Groningen
A. Deusinglaan 1
9713 AV Groningen
The Netherlands

Koulman, A., 1999 (Jul 17) Limacia clavigera from Holland. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Albert,
Any chance of a photo to liven up the page?
Bill Rudman.


Limacia clavigera

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