Re: Pleurobranchus areolatus from Brazil

September 12, 2003
From: Vinicius Anderson

Dear Bill,
Thank you for your reply to my message. This site is extraordinary!

I like so much sea slugs and recently (1 month) I become a trainee at Laboratory of Malacology in UFRJ [Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro], Rio de Janeiro. There, the work basic is with taxonomy of small gastropods (Olivellidae, Olividae, Barleeidae...) organized by Dr.Ricardo Absalão. Unfortunately we don´t work with sea slugs at UFRJ. I think Brasil doesn't have any experts on nudibranchs. Do you know of any? Maybe in the future I will be one.

About Pleurobranchus areolatus, Eliézer Rios (1994) and Francisco R. García et al (2002) recorded specimens from Cabo Frio and Fernando de Noronha Island in Brasil respectively. In the García paper its is recorded also from the Pacific [Panama and Galapagos Islands], and in the Atlantic Ocean [from Florida to Canary Islands and Ghana].

• García, F.R., Troncoso, J.S. & Domiguez, M. (2002) New data on benthic Opisthobranch Molluscs from the Archipelago of Fernando de Noronha (Brazil), with description of new species os Aegires Lóven, 1844. Iberus, 20(2): 45-56.

Best regards,
Vinicius Anderson

Anderson, V., 2003 (Sep 12) Re: Pleurobranchus areolatus from Brazil. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Vinicius,
Any photos and information you can send us on sea slugs from Brazil will be very welcome. For many years [from 1950s to 1970s] Ernst and Eveline Marcus were well known international experts on sea slugs. They were at the University of Sao Paulo, but are now no longer with us. They described quite a few species from Brazil and the Caribbean but seldom illustrated their species very well, and only very rarely in colour. So photographs of your local fauna, even animals you think are common, would be great to include on the Forum as they would help us interpret and better understand the Marcus's species.
Best wishes
Bill Rudman

Rudman, W.B., 2003 (Sep 12). Comment on Re: Pleurobranchus areolatus from Brazil by Vinicius Anderson. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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