Sagaminopteron ornatum from Japan

November 24, 2003
From: Jason Bell

I found these 2 Sagaminopteron ornatum on Nov 16, 2003 on Hatsushima Island, Izu, Japan. In total, I have 11 pics of the slugs and first couple of pics are of the adult (15mm). The later photos are of the smaller one - a juvenile - but you can see part of the adult in the upper right hand corner for size comparsion. On the second dive, the adult had gone undercover of some vegetation. The photos of the adult were taken on the first dive at about 10am. The last 4 photos [in a separate message] were taken on the 2nd dive at about 12:30pm

I hope this helps.
Jason Bell

Bell, J., 2003 (Nov 24) Sagaminopteron ornatum from Japan. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Jason,
These photos of the adult help confirm the colour pattern of Japanese specimens. They also give us a good idea of the external shape
Best wishes
Bill Rudman

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