Re: Kalinga ornata from New South Wales

December 5, 2003
From: Lyn Cleary

Dear Bill
I have a photo of Kalinga ornata, in fact several .I have observed it feeding. I found it on my favourite dive site, Murrays Sandline at Jervis Bay, New South Wales, [Australia]. Depth range 14-16mt. Its feeding was amazing, whilst ploughing through the sand it would stop and "shake'" for want of a more scientific word, my interpretation would be that it found some lovely morsel. It was alone as I did not see any other at that time or since. It is one of the most beautiful slugs I have seen.I have attached three photos and have more if you require

Cleary, L., 2003 (Dec 5) Re: Kalinga ornata from New South Wales. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Lyn,
Your photos are a tantalising glimpse into the behaviour of this strange but beautiful looking animal. As I discuss in other messages, we know little of its behaviour and nothing about what it eats. I can't offer a prize but if you ever see one again we would really like to know what it was finding in the sand. I have included a close-up of the papillate tentacles it has along the edge of the oral veil which are almost certainly used to sense things in the sand as it is ploughing along. Can you give me a date when you took these photos please?
Best wishes
Bill Rudman

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Kalinga ornata

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