Gymnodoris sp. 2. from the Marshall Islands

August 23, 1999
From: Scott Johnson

Hi Bill,

Animals that I'm sure are the same species as Erwin Koehler's Gymnodoris sp. 2 are also present here in the Marshalls. It is somewhat variable in color. I have seen lined specimens such as those already figured with the lines in magenta, red, or orange (photos E225-3 and E225-4 show the red and orange). In addition, in some specimens the lines seem to grow together and crowd out the intervening lighter color (photos E225-1 and E225-2). I've typically found them on the
slopes of lagoon pinnacles at depths of 10-20 meters, usually crawling about in the open, either day or night. They run 15-20mm long when stretched out. If you're still looking for a specimen, I think I should be able to get you one or two.


Johnson, S., 1999 (Aug 23) Gymnodoris sp. 2. from the Marshall Islands. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Scott,
Thanks for the photos. I would be very interested in looking at some specimens if you could find some.
Bill Rudman.


Gymnodoris sp. 2.

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