Re: Aplysia depilans

October 3, 1999
From: Andy Horton

Hello Bill,

The only Aplysia found on the shores of mainland Britain is Aplysia punctata. The occurrence of A. depilans, even a dead one, (see report) is a notable discovery.


Andy Horton.

Horton, A., 1999 (Oct 3) Re: Aplysia depilans. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Andy,
I wasn't trying to belittle your record, I just wanted to clarify that the photo was of a dead, somewhat swollen, animal, so that Sea Hare 'novices' wouldn't mistakenly think that this was what Aplysia depilans looked like alive.
Bill Rudman.


Aplysia depilans

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