Re: Flabellina cynara from Mexico

November 17, 2005
From: Alicia Hermosillo

Dear Bill and all,
The photo in Dave's message [#15281] is definitely Flabellina cynara.

They do some times come with spots, some times they do not, but just as you say, the shape of the body is so different between Bajaeolis bertschi and Flabellina cynara there is no doubt.

An interesting note. I have 6 species of Flabellina in the Puerto Vallarta area, 5 described, 1 undescribed. F. telja, F.vansyoci and Flabellina sp. nov. have white spots over somewhat pink-orange shade bodies.
Some specimens of F. marcusorum and F. cynara have white spots.
The only Flabellina without any spots whatsoever is F. bertschi.
Alicia Hermosillo

Hermosillo, A., 2005 (Nov 17) Re: Flabellina cynara from Mexico. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Ali,
Bill Rudman


Flabellina cynara

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