Re: Korean Adalaria proxima feeding

February 12, 2006
From: Jeff Goddard

Concerning message #15764:

Hi Bill,

Sandra's the expert and has indeed done dissections confirming the presence of Adalaria proxima in the north Pacific (Millen 1987). Additionally, a few years ago I confirmed the identity of two specimens I collected in 1999 from Prince William Sound, Alaska by examining their radulae. One specimen, 3 mm long preserved, had a radular formula of 30 x, while the second specimen, 10 mm long preserved (and whose radula is pictured here), had a formula of 36 x The arrangement of the spicules in the dorsum and tubercles of both of these specimens was the same as in Dong Bum Koh's specimen from South Korea.

Locality: Cordova, Prince William Sound, Intertidal, Alaska, North Pacific, 13 August 1999, Rock jetty. Length: 10 mm (preserved adult). Photographer: Jeff Goddard

  • Millen, S.V. 1987. The genus Adalaria with a description of a new species from the northeastern Pacific. Canadian Journal of Zoology 65:2696-2702.

Best wishes,

Goddard, J.H.R., 2006 (Feb 12) Re: Korean Adalaria proxima feeding. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Jeff,
Bill Rudman


Adalaria proxima

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