Re: Colour variation in Glossodoris tomsmithi

November 26, 1999
From: Scott Johnson

Hi Bill,

Regarding sizes of Glossodoris tomsmithi, in Hawaii it is typically 25mm or less in a more or less resting state. In the Marshalls, I have seen specimens approaching 40mm. In the photos sent earlier, all three of the Hawaiian specimens shown were in the 20-23mm range, while two from the Marshalls were about 35mm (sje178-1) and 25 to 30mm (sje178-5). Here in the Marshalls I see perhaps 2 or 3 individuals a year. In Hawaii, I could see them every dive if I went to the right places, and at Puako on the west coast of the island of Hawaii, I could see a dozen or more on a single dive. At Puako, a coral encrusted lava reef abruptly drops from 1-2m at the top to perhaps 8-10m at the bottom. The face of this drop is loaded with caves and overhangs, filled with sponges and corals such as Tubastraea. Glossodoris tomsmithi is (or at least was in 1980) quite common in these overhangs.

Johnson, S., 1999 (Nov 26) Re: Colour variation in Glossodoris tomsmithi. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Scott,
Bill Rudman.

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