Eubranchus rustyus [2] from California

July 27, 2007
From: Clinton Bauder

Hi Bill,

Also found this animal which I also believe to be Eubranchus rustyus. They are slightly different from the other example in that the distal end of the cerata seem to have a red tip on them rather than white. These shots also show the egg mass.

These animals were about the same size as my other example and on the same kind of hydroid and were within a few meters of the first on the reef.

Locality: Pfieffer Point, 20 meters, CA, USA, Pacific, 21 July 2007, Rocky Reef. Length: 3 mm. Photographer: Clinton Bauder.

Clinton Bauder

Bauder, C., 2007 (Jul 27) Eubranchus rustyus [2] from California. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Hi Clinton,
I agree again. I think what we are seeing here is simply variation. Great to have the eggs.

Again, thanks for sharing,
Dave Behrens


In  a recent message [#19058] I mentioned how caprellid amphipods can displace aeolids from hydoid colonies. I am not sure what the photo alongside indicates but I thought it worth mentioning that the whole 'branch' on the left of the photo is covered in caprellids.

Bill Rudman

Behrens, D.W., 2007 (Jul 27). Comment on Eubranchus rustyus [2] from California by Clinton Bauder. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Eubranchus rustyus

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