Re: Doto from Florida

July 9, 2008
From: Geoffrey Smith

Concerning message #21686:

Dear Bill,
Thanks for the identification of this nudibranch. I had no clue on this one. I have seen them laying eggs, but I don't know if the egg masses would help better determine the species. If I come across the egg masses again I will try to get a picture.

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Dear Geoff,

Egg masses are always useful, but we have to be sure who they belong to. Unfortunately just because an animal is near an egg mass does not necessarily mean it laid it. However if a particular species is often found associated with a particular egg mass then we can be reasonably sure who it belongs to. With species of Doto, there is growing evidence that many species are specialist feeders on one or a very few species of hydroid, so if you find it on a hydroid, good photos of the hydroid and the nudibranch could be very valuable. Photos of the hydroid showing the whole colony as well as close-ups of a few polyps would be ideal. I am afraid getting hydroids identified is another problem, but at least if we have a photographic record that a researcher could use in the future, then we have a valuable observation.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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Doto uva

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