Re: Elysia setoensis from Japan

April 9, 2000
From: Cynthia Trowbridge

Dear Bill,

Thank you for your recent description about how to identify this species. I was wondering if you or any of your readers would know the algal diet of this species? Satoru Hori mentioned that the was crawling on seaweed. Given the feeding specificity of sacoglossans, it would be very interesting to know the algal host on which to find the slugs. It is wonderful to learn more about the Japanese fauna. Thank you so much for sharing all the recent Elysia photos!


Cynthia Trowbridge
Oregon State University

Trowbridge, C., 2000 (Apr 9) Re: Elysia setoensis from Japan. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Cynthia,
Although I didn't plan it, all the messages today are about sacoglossans! You can pretend it's your birthday.
Bill Rudman.


Elysia setoensis

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