Re: Nudibranch/Nematocyst interaction

July 9, 2000
From: Chad Sisson

In response to Annie Lindgren's recent questions on nudibranch nematocysts:
There are few published studies on the turnover rate of nudibranch nematocysts. See the following review paper:
• Greenwood PG. 1988. Nudibranch nematocysts. [In] The Biology of Nematocysts. Academic Press. 445-462.

Greenwood also cites:
• Day, R.M. & Harris, L.G. (1978) Selection and turnover of coelenterate nematocysts in some aeolid nudibranchs. The Veliger, 21(1): 104-109.
• Conklin, E.J. & Mariscal, R.N. (1977) Feeding behavior, ceras structure, and nematocyst storage in the aeolid nudibranch, Spurilla neapolitana (Mollusca). Bull. Mar. Sci., 27: 658-667.

I also suggest reading some of the literature on turnover of chloroplasts in sacoglossans. Although by no means a homologous system, I think it gives an interesting perspective on the storage and maintenance of organelles originating from prey organisms.Best of luck with your project Annie!

Chad Sisson
Ph.D. Student
Department of Zoology
UNH, Durham 03824

Sisson, C., 2000 (Jul 9) Re: Nudibranch/Nematocyst interaction. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Chad,
Bill Rudman.


Aeolid cnidosac

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