Re: Dorid from France

August 10, 2000
From: Peter H. van Bragt

Dear Bill, Erwin and Michael,

Looking at the picture of the dorid from France, I would certainly consider this animal to be Archidoris pseudoargus (We prefer to call it A. tuberculata, Muller 1778). At the moment is is found rather frequently in the Oosterschelde, a marine bay in the south west of the Netherlands). You have a picture on the Forum. That specimen seems to be feeding on a sponge. Possibly this is Halichondria panicea, the sponge on which A. pseudoargus typically feeds. Anatomical clues are furthermore the short blunt tubercles. The colour is of course not the best determination key, as this species is described by Bernard Picton as possibly being yellow, brown, pink, green and white.

With Dutch greetings,

Peter H. van Bragt

van Bragt, P., 2000 (Aug 10) Re: Dorid from France. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Peter,
I am afraid these flattened rather nondescript dorids are rather difficult to identify without a good background knowledge of the fauna. We have a number in eastern Australia which I still find difficult from photos.

Your identification seems reasonable enough, but before I change filenames and links etc, perhaps I should ask if anyone can help confirm Peter's suggestion, or suggest an alternative.

Bst wishes,
Bill Rudman.

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