Comments on Dendrodoris krebsi

October 18, 2000
From: Gilianne Brodie

Dear Bill

I viewed with great interest the photographs of the black and white nudibranch sent to the Forum by Phanor Montoya of Columbia. I think the "Dendrodoris krebsii" group may well be a species complex similar to the Indo-Pacific Dendrodoris nigra / Dendrodoris fumata situation where a wide variety of differently coloured individuals results from several factors; the presence of more than one species that look similar, a number of different colour forms within a species, and ontogenetic colour changes in individuals with growth. Only very detailed investigations of the internal organs of members of this group, their individual growth changes and other aspects of their biology will unravel the puzzle. Also the name krebsii with two ii's is the original form used by Morch in his 1863 description.

Brodie, G., 2000 (Oct 18) Comments on Dendrodoris krebsi. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Gilianne,
My understanding of the Code is that the spelling should be changed to krebsi.
Bill Rudman.

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