Placida dendritica (?) from French Polynesia

December 20, 2000
From: Daniel L. Geiger

Hi everybody,

Two specimens of this species were collected on Seagrass in Moorea, French Polynesia in August 2000. The specimens are approximately 3 mm long. I tentatively ID-ed it as Hermaea/Placida dendritica. Any opinion?

[Details: 4523 Placida / Hermea sp. French Polynesia, Moorea, VIII 2000. Provia 100F, 28mm, AZ, 2x T32, approx. 6:1, dorsal. Found on Seagrass by Oxford crew. Specimen in LACM collection.]

Best wishes

Geiger, D.L., 2000 (Dec 20) Placida dendritica (?) from French Polynesia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Daniel,
Another interesting animal for Cynthia Trowbridge to look at
Bill Rudman.

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