Re: Dendrodoris limbata from Brittany

December 21, 2000
From: Angel Valdes

Dear Bill and Alex,

Alex's message does refer to Dendrodoris limbata and this is the first record of this species I know from outside the Mediterranean Sea. This is a very unusual record due to the latitude at which the animals were collected, but especially because it appears to be established population. I never found this species in the Atlantic coast of Spain (where I collected dendrodorids intensively) and I would never expect to find it so far North.

I wonder if Alex is finding other Mediterranean or unusual species in the area, or this is just an isolated case.

Merry Christmas,


Valdés, A., 2000 (Dec 21) Re: Dendrodoris limbata from Brittany. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Angel,
I thought you would be interested,
Bill Rudman.

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