Eggs of Gymnodoris nigricolor

May 1, 2001
From: Bob Bolland

Hi Bill,
Here are two ova scans of Gymnodoris nigricolor. One is of the animal laying eggs (rfb2388-B) at the air-water interface of a small glass sorting bowl; the second is of an egg rosette on the glass side of an aquarium (rfb2383) . . . this egg mass measured 8x13mm. Unfortunately the size of the two animals was not recorded, but the animals were collected in June of 1990, from Seragaki, Okinawa. I can't recall ever seeing ova being deposited at the water's surface before, perhaps the 'branch didn't like the glass walls of the sorting bowl?

Bolland, R.F., 2001 (May 1) Eggs of Gymnodoris nigricolor. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Bob,
Bill Rudman

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