Hopkinsia hiroi from Hong Kong

August 3, 2001
From: Bill Rudman & Brian Darvell

Here is some information and photos on Hopkinsia hiroi from Brian Darvell's Hong Kong collections.

This bright pink animal has a row of large finger-like papillae around the edge of the mantle. They are pink with a whitish tip. There is also one papilla in the centre of the back and a few extra on each side forming a sparse inner row of papillae. The few small pink gills form a row across the mantle just behind halfway. This species feeds on a similarly coloured pink encrusting bryozoan. It grows to 8 mm in length.

UPPER RIGHT: Hong Kong, April 1983, Photo: B.E. Picton. LOWER LEFT: Hong Kong, Wai Kap Pai, Rocky Harbour, 23 Jan 1983, AM C138136. Photo: B. Darvell. LOWER RIGHT: Bryzoan prey of Hopkinsia Cape D'Aguilar Bay, Hong Kong, 5 April 1986. Photo: B. Darvell.

Hong Kong Collection Records:
AM C133758, 4 specimens, 18 April 1982, Site 4.8, Breaker Reef, Mirs Bay, 15 m. AM C138136, 2 specimens, 23 January 1983, Site 9.40, Wai Kap Pai, Rocky Harbour, 5-6 m. AM C139024, 10 April 1983, Site 4.57, Bate Head, Mirs Bay, 5-10 m. AM C139025, 4 specimens, 11 April 1983, Site 4.59, Gau Tau (N), Mirs Bay, 5-12 m. AM C142172, 31 March 1984, Site 10.99, Kiu Tau (W), Kiu Tsui Chau, Port Shelter, 6 m. Depth range: 2-19 m.

• Rudman, W.B. & Darvell, B.W. (1990) Opisthobranch molluscs of Hong Kong. Part 1. Goniodorididae, Onchidorididae, Triophidae, Gymnodorididae, Chromodorididae, (Nudibranchia). Asian Marine Biology, 7: 31-79

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman & Brian Darvell

Rudman, W.B. & Darvell, B.W., 2001 (Aug 3) Hopkinsia hiroi from Hong Kong. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/4987


Okenia hiroi

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