Phyllidiopsis krempfi? from NW Australia

February 5, 1999
From: Clay Bryce

Hi Bill,
Hope your are keeping well. I am in the process of wading through the material from the last four trips. I have attached some images (at least I hope it works) of 6 phyllidiids that are giving me some trouble. Would you mind taking a look?
I have tham all down as P. cf. krempfi (complex)!!?? but I am not happy with the identifications. They are all from the Kimberley region of northwestern Australia.

Feel free to put them into the Forum.

WA1438: Cassini Island, North side. 13o56'S: 125o38'E. Depth 30 - 4.5m Drop-off to 30m. Shallows subject to high tidal current with stunted corals. Encrusting sponges in caves and underhangs of drop-off. Collected: 18/9/98 Length: 5.5cm
WA1439: Same data as 1438 Length: 2.5cm    

WA1399: Hibernia Reef, North side: 11o58'S: 123o19E, Depth: 8 - 27m Slope, brocken coral rubble with scattered live coral and encrusting sponges. Collected: 11/9/98     Length: 4cm. 
WA1401: Same data Length: 3.5cm
WA1402: Same data  Length: Top: 3.5cm. Bottom: 5cm.
WA1405: Same data  Length: 2.5cm
All the best,
Clay Bryce
Western Australian Museum

Bryce, C., 1999 (Feb 5) Phyllidiopsis krempfi? from NW Australia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

I'm glad to see you have a scanning system at work! I've had a look at the images and am pretty sure they are all P.krempfi (sensu Brunckhorst). I make the following comments:
WA1402: I presume they are all the same. The large one looks a bit like Phyllidiopsis burni but the top specimen, at least, has pink and black rhinos. (P. burni has black rhinos) and the other possibility, Phyllidiopsis fissuratus has large long anal papilla which I can't see in your photos.
WA1439. The black tipped rhinos aren't right for P. krempfi but it is probably a
juvenile.? Possibly the black down the posterior edge doesn't appear until they're bigger.

Although David Brunckhorst's monograph is a great advance in our understanding of the family, I am sure he would be the first to acknowledge that we still have a lot to learn about the phyllidiids. One good way is to have a look at the variation. For that reason I am happy to put up more pictures of what is probably all one species.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.

Rudman, W.B., 1999 (Feb 5). Comment on Phyllidiopsis krempfi? from NW Australia by Clay Bryce. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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