Hypselodoris carnea? from Western Australia

February 13, 1999
From: Clay Bryce


A little extra info on Hypselodoris carnea. The attached image is from the Dampier Archipelago (The Kimberley, NW Australia). Station 33; the site is in Flying Foam Passage which has a fine silty substrate with a sparse sponge, soft coral and Turbinaria (hard coral) garden. The animal was found on a rock between possible food sources - as usual! Size: 3cm.: Depth 11m.: Collection date: Oct. 1998: Reg. No. 12054.

I have it down as H. cf. carnea due to the excess of brown lines (or is it brown dots that have joined?). But it does make a nice merge with the true H. carnea from S. Africa and those from E Aust. Some of the images in the Forum seem to look a bit like H. capensis as figured in Terry Gosliner's Nudibranchs of S.Africa.

Clay Bryce
Western Austrlian Museum


Bryce, C., 1999 (Feb 13) Hypselodoris carnea? from Western Australia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/559

Thanks Clay,
It will be interesting to see if anyone can help close the gap across the Indian Ocean.
Bill Rudman.

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