Eubranchus pallidus from Barents Sea

July 9, 2002
From: Irina Roginskaya

Dear Bill,
Here are two photos of Eubranchus pallidus {Alder et Hancock ,1842} I collected long ago, in July 1965, from the intertidal zone of the Bolshoy Aynov Island /69o 50' N, 31o 34'E/., in the Barents Sea. These specimens were crawling on the rocky platform covered with diverse macroalgae and hydroids. The first picture is of a 6mm specimen. The second photo of a 8mm specimen. On the third photo are the radular teeth of the second specimen.

• Roginskaya I.S. (1998) The records of Eubranchus pallidus (Alder et Hancock,1842) {Nudibranchia, Eubranchidae} from Aynovskye Islands (West Murman) {Barents Sea, Kandalaksha State Preserve}. Opisthobranch Newsletter, 24(9): 39.

Irina Roginskaya

Roginskaya, I., 2002 (Jul 9) Eubranchus pallidus from Barents Sea. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Irina,
This colour form seems to be very distinctive - much more so than the 'pallid' form from which this species got its name.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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