Re: Berthella africana? from Canary Islands

September 5, 2002
From: Juan Lucas Cervera

Dear Erwin and Bill,
Yes, this species is Berthella africana. This species was erected by Pruvot-Fol (1953) as Berthellina, but later Gantes (1956) explain the confusion that happened and transferred the species to Berthella.

You can find a more detailed history of the problem in Cervera et al (2000). J.Moll. Stud., 66: 3001-311.

Cervera, J.L., 2002 (Sep 5) Re: Berthella africana? from Canary Islands. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Lucas,
It would be interesting to have a photo of your Berthella canariensis on the Forum for comparison. I have included scans of the original paintings included in Pruvot-Fol's original description on the Fact Sheet.
Bill Rudman


Berthella africana

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