Tambja morosa from Indonesia

September 27, 2002
From: Sabine Noack

Dear Bill,
We found these 4 differently colored Tambja morosa at the same dive site (Pulau Pisan, Horseshoe Bay, Rinca , Indonesia).
The date/time was 29 September 2001 around 15:00

• Number 1 was found in ~25m, it was ~5cm long, black with bright blue markings. The color around the gills was bright green. It was crawling on the sandy bottom.
• Number 2 was found in ~20m, it also was ~5cm long, black with blue-green markings (gills, spots and line around the mantle had the same color). It was crawling across a sandy patch on the reef.
• Number 3 was found in ~15m, it was ~4cm long. Its lower sides were dark green, the back was black and the markings were all in the same blue-green color. It was crawling across a hard coral.
• Number 4 was found in ~7m, it was ~5cm long and very very slowly crawling across a big tunicate (Polycarpa aurata). It was black with bright blue dots, a bright green ring at the bottom of the gills. The color on the inside of the gills was green, the outside was blue.


Noack, S., 2002 (Sep 27) Tambja morosa from Indonesia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from http://www.seaslugforum.net/find/7918

Thanks Sabine,
I have often wondered about the small discrepancies in color you find in this 'species' but have been unable to find any consistent differences.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman


Tambja morosa

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