Aeolidiella glauca - feeding observations

November 26, 2002
From: Mike Noren

Dear Bill,
Following on my earlier message, I've recently visited Tjärnö marine biological station, Sweden, to photograph flatworms, but I also had the opportunity to photograph what I believe is an Aeolidiella glauca eating the anemone Sagartiogeton viduatus.

The first image shows A. glauca in the act of eating the anemone, the second is a shot of the same slug after removal from the aquarium. It was approx. 30mm long.

The eelgrass anemone, S. viduatus, is a scandinavian endemic, and is probably the most common shallow-water anemone at Tjärnö. According to the staff at the station the A. glauca population closely tracks the S. viduatus population, in what appear to be a classic predator/prey pattern.
Mike Noren

Noren, M., 2002 (Nov 26) Aeolidiella glauca - feeding observations. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Mike,
Bill Rudman


Aeolidiella glauca

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