Doto coronata
(Gmelin, 1791)

Family: Dotidae


European Atlantic coast, and western Mediterranean.


Plompe toren, de Oosterschelde, the Netherlands. PHOTOS: Peter H. van Bragt

Many older references to this species are probably misidentifications. Usually grows to about 12mm, and probably feeds exclusively on the hydroid Eudendrium.

Of particular interest is the demonstration (Morrow et al, 1992) that 'Doto coronata' is probably a complex of similar looking species, each feeding on a different species of hydroid. The photo here (see message below) from the Netherlands is of particular interest because the original description was based on a specimen collected on Eudendrium from the Dutch coast.

See Doto sp. 8 for specimens which look like Doto coronata from the east coast of Nth America.

• Morrow, C.C., Thorpe, J.P. & Picton, B.E., (1992) Genetic divergence and cryptic speciation in two morphs of the common subtidal nudibranch Doto coronata (Opisthobranchia: Dendronotacea: Dotoidae) from the northern Irish Sea. Marine ecology progress Series, 84: 53-61.
• Thompson, T.E. & Brown, G.H. (1984) Biology of Opisthobranch Molluscs, Vol 2. Ray Society: London.

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Re: Characteristic feature of Doto coronata

March 23, 2003
From: Peter H. van Bragt

Hello Katy and Bill,
As discussed in previous messages, I send you two scans of an in situ image of Doto coronata. The picture was made in the Oosterschelde, the Netherlands in March 1999. The enlarged section shows clearly the pigmented inner face of the cerata, which I consider to be a characteristic feature of this species. This feature is also mentioned by Bernard Picton in his Field Guide of the Nudibranchs of the British Isles.

Best regards
Peter H. van Bragt

Thanks Peter,
Bill Rudman

Doto coronata radula

August 2, 2002
From: Bernard Picton

To accompany my earlier message, here is an SEM photo of the radula of Doto coronata (form?) which lives on Sertularia argentea


Picton, B. , 2002 (Aug 2) Doto coronata radula. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Doto coronata from the Netherlands

August 23, 1999
From: Peter H. van Bragt

Dear Bill,

Here is a photo of Doto coronata to add to the Netherlands' List.

Location: Plompe toren, de Oosterschelde, the Netherlands

With best regards

Peter H. van Bragt

van Bragt, P.H., 1999 (Aug 23) Doto coronata from the Netherlands. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Peter,
I am gradually getting your photos organised.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.