Netherland opisthobranchs

See Peter van Bragt's message below.
Peter van Bragt's current email address is

Acanthodoris pilosa
Limacia clavigera
Polycera quadrilineata
Thecacera pennigera
Geitodoris planata
Jorunna tomentosa
Dendronotus frondosus
Doto coronata
Doto fragilis
Janolus cristatus
Janolus hyalinus
Eubranchus pallidus
Eubranchus rupium
Aeolidia glauca
Aeolidia papillosa
Flabellina gracilis
Flabellina pedata
Facelina bostoniensis
Facelina coronata
Tergipes tergipes
Cuthona amoena
Cuthona concinna
Cuthona nana
Cuthona rubescens

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Nudibranchs from the Netherlands

August 5, 1999
From: Peter van Bragt

Peter van Bragt's current email address is

Dear Bill,
Enclosed are some slide scans that I have produced from my collection of Dutch nudibranchs. They represent 24 of the approx. 44 species that have been recorded from the Dutch coast. I have also images of some other species known from the Netherlands, but these were made at other locations in western Europe. I will send these as well. Eventually I hope to be able to present a full list of all known Dutch species, and will up-date the list as soon as new ones are added to that list. As you will see, I prefer to show in situ images instead of in vitro pictures. This means that due to our dive conditions  the images are not as crystal clear as those from your indo-pacific tropical waters.

Also most species are rather small, and this doesn't contribute positively to the quality of the slides. Nonetheless I hope you like them and will add them to your site. Maybe you can make a special domain for the Dutch collection??

In the future we hope to be able to present a Dutch Nudi's homepage as well.

With best regards

Peter H. van Bragt

Peter H. van Bragt, 1999 (Aug 5) Nudibranchs from the Netherlands. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Peter,
Thanks very much for the scans. They are an interesting window on the European fauna, which I have read so much about, but have little personal experience of. As I will need to organise a page for each species, I will add your records to the site gradually over the next few weeks.

To allow you to have a list of Dutch records I will include an index page with a list of links to all the photos you have sent me. I have put this message on the 'embryo' Netherlands Opisthobranch Page. If you would like to prepare an introductory paragraph or two I would be happy to include it.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.