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See also the Operation Wallacea project in Sulawesi.

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Information about nudibranchs in Indonesia

August 7, 1999
From: Yasman

Dear Dr. Bill Rudman,

I have heard that there is only a few or even no research and publication of Nudibranchia of Indonesia. I have also looked for literature about Nudibranchia in Indonesia, but it is also not there. Is that true that there is no publication of Nudibranchia of Indonesia??

I have also sent some details for the Participants Page.

With Regards,


Dear Yasman,
Yes there is no book on the Nudibranchs of Indonesia, but that does not mean there is no information about nudibranchs you will find in Indonesia.

Early European expeditions, such as the Siboga Expedition described many species from Indonesia and some of the first species described from the Indo-West Pacific were described by van Hasselt in the 1820s from Java.

The Indonesian fauna is part of a much greater faunal region, and while some species are probably unique to parts of Indonesia, most will be found in either the whole of the Indo-West Pacific or in some part of it adjacent to Indonesia, such as the South China Sea. Many general books on Indo-West Pacific nudibranchs would be valuable for you.

You will also find quite a number of species from Indonesia in the Sea Slug Forum, and in particular have a look at the Operation Wallacea Page where records from this project from Indonesia are gradually accumulating. If you have questions and/or photos you want identified, and information on their natural history, send them to the Forum and we will do our best to help.

I read in your 'Participants Page' material of the work you are planning to do on Phyllidia ecology. It sounds fascinating. When you have a clearer idea about your project I would be very interested in including a summary on the Forum.

Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.

Hello from Indonesia

August 11, 1998
From: Aloysia Murni Shintosari

Hi, I'm Aloysia Murni Shintosari. Right now I'm working at Museum Zoologicum Bogoriense, Laboratory of Malacology. I'm interested in Nudibranchia because they're so beautiful and no one has studied them in Indonesia. Unfortunately, up until now I cannot dive! I got my specimens from my friend. Now I need a great help to find references about Nudibranchia. I got 23 specimens, probably from 2 families: Phyllidiidae and Chromodorididae. I have identify some of them, but I'm not sure. If I can scan the pictures, I'll send it next time.

Aloysia Murni Shintosari

Aloysia Murni Shintosari, 1998 (Aug 11) Hello from Indonesia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Aloysia, if scanning the photographs is a problem just mail them and we can scan them here .. Bill Rudman.