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Re: 'Kissing' in nudibranchs

November 9, 2005
From: Brian K. Penney

Although I agree that nudibranchs don't 'kiss' [message #15168], some of their mating behaviors might be considered close in the view of the non-specialist. At Bamfield Marine Station in British Columbia, we had a number of students working on nudibranch projects. One in particular spent some time observing mating in Triopha catalinae. These slugs would spend quite a bit of time stroking their head and "neck" regions up and down the corresponding regions of the other before mating. This was close enough to behavior seen in teenage Homo sapiens that a number of people walking through the lab commented on it.

Locality: Scott's Bay, Barkley Sound (48º50'06"N, 125º08'48"W) British Columbia, Canada. Pacific Ocean. Depth: 3-4 m. Length: 11 and 12 mm. 9 November 1998. Subtidal, semi-protected boulder/bedrock in kelp bed

This behavior likely isn't widespread through the nudibranchs (e.g. Hermissenda crassicornis is highly cannibalistic, and tends to mate VERY quickly). However, it should not be ruled out, especially in softer bodied forms like Triopha and the aspiculate Hexabranchus.


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