Re: Pleurobranchaea from New York

July 31, 1999
From: Terry Gosliner

Dear Bill,

It is great to see some opisthobranchs from the Atlantic coast of the U.S. Some of these are old friends from my days of working in New Hampshire on my Ph.D with Larry Harris, Alan Kuzirian, Trish Morse and many others. Betsey Hansen's Pleurobranchaea may be P. obesa, but it may also be P. tarda, which is known from shallower waters from Cape Cod and to the south. It also is known from South African waters. It would be difficult to verify the identification without examining the reproductive anatomy. The penial morphology is quite distinctive between P. obesa and P. tarda.

All the best,

Gosliner, T.M., 1999 (Jul 31) Re: Pleurobranchaea from New York. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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