Glossodoris cincta? from Mauritius

November 24, 2005
From: Mathieu Bayon

I would like to confirm an identification, is that Glossodoris cincta on the picture ?

Locality: Mauritius, Indian ocean, reef Depth: 20 meters. Length: 90 mm. 25 june 2005. Photographer: Mathieu Bayon

Thank you

Bayon, M., 2005 (Nov 24) Glossodoris cincta? from Mauritius. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Mathieu,
This is another puzzling species of Glossodoris. It certainly seesm different from any of the colour forma of Glossodoris cincta, and in particular, the Indian Ocean form, with a distinct yellow and black mantle border. It also differs from some other Indian Ocean species with similar colour patterns such as G. gregorius, G. plumbea and more widespread species such as G. hikuerensis and G. pullata. I would need to look at its anatomy to make a judgement on whether it is a colour form of an existing species or something new. At present I will call it Glossodoris sp. 15
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

Rudman, W.B., 2005 (Nov 24). Comment on Glossodoris cincta? from Mauritius by Mathieu Bayon . [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Glossodoris sp. 15

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