Cratena lineata from SE Sulawesi

March 23, 2000
From: Lindsay Warren

Dear Bill
Attached are two photos of another aeolid (OWN87) I found at 7.45am on 11 May 1999 at a depth of 60 ft.  Size:  6-8 mm.  It was on a polypropylene mooring line set some distance from the reef which had only been in the
water for two months.  However there was a good covering of small hydroids and fine algae.  Pulau Hoga, Tukang Besi Archipelago, SE Sulawesi, Indonesia. [Operation Wallacea].

The body is translucent white with orange internal organs showing through. The cerata are arranged in clusters down both sides of the body with the number of cera per cluster decreasing towards the posterior end. The cerata are translucent white with an internal dark red area and are streaked with white.  The rhinophores are long, translucent cream coloured with a more solid cream / orange band towards the tips.  The bucal mass is white and there is a distinctive orange patch on either side of the head. Eye spots are just visible behind the rhinophores.  Photos: Lindsay Warren

What do you think it is?
All the best
Lindsay Warren

Warren, L., 2000 (Mar 23) Cratena lineata from SE Sulawesi. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Lindsay,
This is Cratena lineata which has a wide Indo-West Pacific distribution. It is unusual, but not unknown, for there to be no lines on the body.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman.


Cratena lineata

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