Re: Elysia chlorotica & mating chains

May 18, 2000
From: Kathe R. Jensen

Dear Liz (and Bill),

Concerning your message on behaviour in Elysia chlorotica:
The opening and closing response of parapodia has been experimentally studied in Elysia timida from the Mediterranean coast of Israel [Rahat & Monselise (1979) J.exp.Biol., 79: 225-33], and they also showed that the light receptor(s) responsible for the response were not the eyes. Weaver & Clark (1981) [Mar. Behav. Physiol., 7:297-306] found that several species of sacoglossans were most active at dawn and dusk, i.e. low light intensities. In the lab. you usually have the lights either off or on, and the animals will be active for a short time after the lights come on. Also, Kerry Clark suggested in one of his papers that the dorsal vessels might function as a "negative gill" transporting oxygen away from photosynthesizing tissue. This is one aspect of the symbiosis I would like to see the plant physiologists examine. I am very happy to see that someone still work on chloroplast symbiosis.

(Incidentally, Liz, I would be very happy for a reprint of your "cover-story" review).

Jensen, K. R., 2000 (May 18) Re: Elysia chlorotica & mating chains. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from


Elysia chlorotica

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