Chromodoris sp. 10 from Heron Island

August 4, 2000
From: Julie Marshall

Dear Bill,

Some more photos of Chromodoris sp. 10 (Chromodoris sp. 2 in Richard and my book ) following the ones sent by Atsushi Ono last week. The raised yellow spots and violent blotches can be clearly seen in the photo showing the ventral side of the animal. It was 75 mm in size and found on the northern side of Heron Reef [Great Barrier Reef, Quensland] at 18 metres on a dead coral slab near a large bommie.

Best wishes

Julie Marshall

Marshall, J., 2000 (Aug 4) Chromodoris sp. 10 from Heron Island. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Julie,
Bill Rudman.


Chromodoris sp. 10

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