Cadlina pellucida from Spain

January 31, 2001
From: Alma Sánchez

Dear Dr. Rudman,
Here are two photos of Cadlina pellucida (Risso, 1826). (specimen identified by Dr. Ángel Váldes).

This specimen was collected in January, 2001 at the Bay of Algeciras (Strait of Gibraltar, Southern Spain) at 34m depth. Size: 15 mm.

Best wishes,
Alma Sánchez

Sanchez, A., 2001 (Jan 31) Cadlina pellucida from Spain. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Alma,
Thanks very much for sharing these photos of the interesting Mediterrean & East Atlantic fauna.
Bill Rudman


Cadlina pellucida

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