Shell of Julia sp. 2

October 12, 2001
From: Cory Pittman

Here are detailed shell photos of Julia sp. 2 from Hawaii to accompany my earlier message.

Julia sp. 2 is the least commonly seen of the Hawaiian species. I've found a couple dozen valves in sand samples from beach drift and shallow water. Based on that limited number, it has a maximum shell length of 3.7 mm. The color is consistent with the light green shell covered by a fine, darker green reticulation. There is no brown pigment with the exception of a small amount of "stain" ventral to the hinge in some specimens. The hinge is very large and the central, tooth-like knob has a prominent, "C-shaped" apical depression.

The shell photos are of a closely matched (though moderately worn) pair 2.7 mm in length. They were in sand samples collected from beach drift at Maalaea Bay, Maui in 1982 and Makuleia Bay, Maui in 1987.

Cory Pittman


Julia sp. 2

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