Cuthona rubescens from Scotland

June 20, 2002
From: Jim Anderson

Dear Dr. Rudman,
Attached are two images of Cuthona rubescens photographed by me during a recent dive (Thanks again to Dr. Bernard Picton for identification). There were several of these animals among the Halecium halecium with there spawn in depths from 12 - 15 metres

Date: 9 June 2002 [morning dive]
Site: Manse Reef, Loch Leven on the west coast of Scotland.
Water temp: 11 deg C
Size: upper photo=18mm; lower photo=15mm

Jim Anderson

Anderson, J., 2002 (Jun 20) Cuthona rubescens from Scotland. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Jim,
Bill Rudman


Cuthona rubescens

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