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September 16, 2002
From: Nishina Masayoshi

Dear Bill,
I do not know how many people are interested in this book now but here is my review of Opisthobranchs of Izu Peninsula. This is an opportunity to present some update information. Incidentally, there is update information for A. Ono's book at:

I hope this kind of review is not against to your philosophy for the Forum. There may be more species which need update or I may have made a misidentification. I have omitted a few doubtful species such as E. japonica in the book this time.


It's already became very difficult to get copies of the books Opisthobranchia of Sagami Bay" and the Supplement by Dr.K. Baba. Since then, K Suzuki's book is the only book which covers opisthobranchs from the main Islands of Japan. This book also
covers opisthobranchs in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Singapore too. There are color photos of 250 species of the Opisthobranchs fauna in this inexpensive book. I think everybody still can get this book at US$32.95 through the online book store "SeaChallengers".

This book was released in 2000. I have tried to find if there is any updated information through the WWW but nothing there. So I have prepared this update myself. If anyone finds any mistakes or further updates please let me know.

Photo No. and updated name.

14 Nakamigawaia sp.
26 Stylocheilus striatus (Quoy & Gaimard, 1832)
29 Stylocheilus striatus
30 Bursatella leachii leachii
50 Elysia amakusana Baba,1955 (now I think E. abei)
56 Elysia lobata (Gould, 1852)
60 Goniodoris joubini Risbec, 1928
81 Roboastra gracilis
116 Mexichromis cf. multituberculata
117 Mexichromis mariei
120 Noumea subnivalis Baba, 1937
127 C. trilobatum (J. E. Gray, 1827) ?
135 Ceratosoma sinuata
140 Discodoris lilacina
154 Halgerda willeyi Eliot, 1904
155 Halgerda carlsoni Rudman, 1978
161 Dendrodoris fumata
165 Dendrodoris fumata
174 Phyllidiella zeylanica (Kelaart, 1859) or Phyllidiella sp.
195 Bornella stellifer (Adams & Reeve, 1848)
215 cf.Flabellina rubropurpurata Gosliner & Willan, 1991- No.255 in A.Ono's book
216 Flabellina sp. 5 No.258 in A.Ono's book
233 Cratena affinis (Baba, 1949)
244 Protaeolidiella atra
247 Spurilla chromosoma Cockerell & Eliot, 1905 Changed to Spurilla

Best Regards,
Nishina Masayoshi

Masayoshi, N., 2002 (Sep 16) Book Review . [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Dear Nishina,
Thanks for this. I have no problem with comments on books. My main aim with book reviews is to make people aware of what books are available and who I think would benefit from them. I welcome 'readers comments'. I must make it clear though that I have not checked the name changes suggested here by Nishina.
Best wishes,
Bill Rudman

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