Dendronotus nanus
Marcus & Marcus, 1967

Family: Dendronotidae


Sonora, Mexico to San Diego, California


La Jolla, San Diego, California, Depth: 46 feet. Length: 3 inches. 31 July 2001. Intertidal sand flats. Photographer: Mark Chapman

Dendronotus nanus, was described from Sonora, Mexico, in 1967 (Marcus & Marcus, 1967) but I can't find any other information on this species. The body is a translucent grey with scattered opaque white spots and an opaque white border to the foot. The branchial and rhinophoral papillae are translucent grey with an opaque white tip, then a median band of black and a lower band of bright orange. Any of these colours can be absent in one or more papillae, and the black band often consists of a few black patches.

There are six pairs of branchial papillae, the anterior pair being the largest. The papillae seem to lack a common stalk or trunk, and so look like a series of cerata arranged in an arch. The anterior papillae around the head consist of 3 rows of relatively small papillae, each with small black secondary papillae.

Gordon Robilliard ( 1972) compares this species with D. iris; and suggests they should be considered distinct, but felt that the question should be re-examined if the geographical distributions were shown to overlap, as they clearly do.

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