New publications

July 23, 2007
From: Brian K. Penney

Hi Bill

Thanks for adding this section to the forum. Recent publications for which I have pdf's follow.

  • Penney, B. K. 2002. Lowered nutritional quality supplements nudibranch chemical defense. Oecologia, 132: 411-418.
  • Penney, B. K. 2004. Individual selection and the evolution of chemical defence in nudibranchs: experiments with whole Cadlina luteomarginata (Nudibranchia: Doridina). Journal of Molluscan Studies, 70: 399-400.
  • Penney, B. K. 2006. Morphology and biological roles of spicule networks in Cadlina luteomarginata (Nudibranchia, Doridina). Invertebrate Biology, 125: 222-232.


Penney, B.K., 2007 (Jul 23) New publications. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

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