A Californian mystery

December 1, 1998
From: JM

November 28th, 1998
30 miles South of Monterey Bay on the Pacific Coast of Northern California

Intertidal zone

SEEN: 2 large (size of adult hand), bean shaped, mollusks(?)/nudibranchs(?) They had the coloration of a cranberry bean, (striped brilliant red) and the very general outline of a snail. There was no shell! They were beached after a winter storm amidst many tons of giant kelp that had been torn up and washed ashore.

On their ventral (?) surface was a dark, black strip resembling the rand of a hiking shoe - their feet?. At their "heads" were perhaps 2 sets of antennae.

Any ideas what I saw?? I'm very curious but no time to research and my library is all in boxes.



Perhaps someone from California knows what JM is describing ... Bill Rudman

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