Stiliger akkeshiensis
Baba, 1935

Family: Limapontiidae


Known from northern Japan (Akkeshi Bay, Hokkaido) and southern Kuril Islands.


Shikotan Island, South Kuril Islands, Russia, NW Pacific. Depth: 2-3 m. Length: 3-4 mm. 17 July, 2005. on red algae. Photographer: A.V.Chernyshev

Note added 2 March 2006: These Russian animals are now considered to be Hermaea vancouverensis [see message #15995]. It is still not clear whether Baba's specimens are a different species or not.

Stiliger akkeshiensis was described from Akkeshi Bay, Hokkaido, on the basis of a 6 preserved specimens, about 4mm long preserved. All we know about its colour is the sentence "preserved specimens have traces of blackish mottles and streaks on the head, rhinophores, back, tail and sides.."

Baba considered this species to belong the subgenus Ercolania.

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  • Baba, K. (1959) The family Stiligeridae from Japan (Opisthobranchia- Sacoglossa). Publications of the Seto Marine Biological Laboratory, 7: 327-334.
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