Acanthodoris hudsoni from British Columbia

October 23, 2003
From: Bruce Wight

Dear Bill
Here are some photos of Acanthodoris hudsoni from our recent trip to British Columbia.

Johanna and I were up at the Northern end of Vancouver Island the first week of October diving around Port Hardy and Browning Pass, British Columbia. This was our first time diving in Canada.

We also found Acanthodoris nanaimoensis

Take care,
Bruce Wight

Wight, B., 2003 (Oct 23) Acanthodoris hudsoni from British Columbia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Bruce,
I've included a close-up here showing the rhinophore of one animal and the gills of another/ Your photos show the milky yellow colour very well
Best wishes
Bill Rudman

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