Re: Acanthodoris hudsoni

October 31, 2000
From: Marli Wakeling

Although the photo looks pale compared to photos in Dave Behren's Pacific Coast Nudibranchs, I commonly find these with pale colouration. The only other similar nudibranch that is all white is Acanthodoris pilosa, but it's papillae are a bit heavier looking. He does note that the rhinophores of A. pilosa bend backwards when extended, like in the photo. The gills, though look like A. hudsoni. Hopefully Sandra Millen will pinpoint this one.
Marli Wakeling

Wakeling, M., 2000 (Oct 31) Re: Acanthodoris hudsoni. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Marli,
Bill Rudman.

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