Re: Okenia distincta from eastern Russia

July 22, 2008
From: Alexei Chernyshev

Concerning message #21293:

Dear Bill,
Yurii Minichev was the first Russian malacologist who found this species in Peter the Great Bay, but he mistakenly identified it as Okenia angelensis (see Minichev, 1976). Alexander Martynov (1997) re-identified O. angelensis sensu Minichev as O. distincta Baba. I send you drawing of Okenia distincta from Minichev's work: you can see that rhinophores lack lamellae. I also didn't observe any trace of lamellae.

  • Martynov A.V. (1997) Subclassis Opisthobranchia. In: Kussakin O.G., Ivanova M.B., Tsurpalo A.P. et al. A check-list of animals, plants and fungi from the intertidal zone of Far Eastern seas of Russia. Vladivostok, Dalnauka: 77-80 (in Russian)
  • Minichev Yu.S. (1976) Subclass Opisthobranchia. Animals and plants of Peter the Great Bay. Leningrad, Nauka: 92-95 (in Russian)

With bests,

Chernyshev, A.V., 2008 (Jul 22) Re: Okenia distincta from eastern Russia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Alexei,

Bill Rudman

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