Fryeria menindie from Indonesia

December 31, 2000
From: Yasman

Dear Bill,
I found this specimen of Fryeria menindie at a depth of 50 feet in Karang Lebar Atoll, Thousand Islands, Indonesia.

Yasman, 2000 (Dec 31) Fryeria menindie from Indonesia. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

NOTE added 14 July 2006: Fryeria menindie (Brunckhorst, 1993) was shown by Yonow, 1996 to be a junior synonym of Fryeria picta Pruvot-Fol. Animals previously identified as F. menindie on the Forum have been moved to Fryeria picta.

Thanks Yasman,
Bill Rudman


Fryeria picta

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