Re: Siphopteron from Japan

August 2, 2001
From: Terry Gosliner

Dear Bill,
I was pleased to see Nishina Masayoshi's photos of the Siphopteron from Japan. It certainly looks like the specimens of S. nigromarginatum that I originally collected from Papua New Guinea. Bob Bolland has also found specimens from Okinawa. It is a far more delicate species than S. brunneomarginatum and has a thinner marginal line. Also the parapodia usually overlap in S. brunneomarginatum, but do not in S. nigromarginatum. The color can vary from yellow to yellow with orange pigment as you noted.
All the best,

Gosliner, T., 2001 (Aug 2) Re: Siphopteron from Japan. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Terry,
Bill Rudman

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