Siphopteron nigromarginatum from Hachijo

August 12, 2002
From: Nishina Masayoshi

Dear Bill,
Here are some photos are Siphopteron nigromarginatum from Hachijo Island Japan.

In upper photo S. nigromarginatum is at rest, while in the lower photo I moved it to another place for photographing.

Date: 21 April 2002
Location: Hachijo Island, Tokyo Japan
Lengh: 5mm
Depth: 6m
Water temp: 21C degree
Photo: M. Nishina

Best Regards,
Nishina Masayoshi

Masayoshi, N., 2002 (Aug 12) Siphopteron nigromarginatum from Hachijo. [Message in] Sea Slug Forum. Australian Museum, Sydney. Available from

Thanks Nishina,
We are starting to get a good idea about the colour variation in this species now
Bill Rudman

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